Can Diet Cure Acne?

There has been a long debate with regards to the connection of diet and acne. Others say that your diet can cause acne. Some say that changing your diet can actually cure acne, while others say that that is just nonsense. Is diet and acne linked together? Is there any proof that diet can cure acne? Let us find out.

Acne is a condition that has been long debated. The cause of acne is unknown and if you ask acne researchers and medical experts, they will tell you that your diet has nothing to do with acne. Diet cannot trigger acne attacks and changing your diet cannot improve your acne condition. However, why do common people think otherwise? Why some acne victims claim that their acne condition worsens when they eat certain foods and why do other people claim that they were able to get rid of their blemishes by simply eating the right kind of food?

The simple fact is that acne, is a huge business. If dermatologists and skin care experts, whose researches are funded by large pharmaceutical companies claim that acne can be treated by simply changing your diet and your lifestyle, do you think that they will still be dermatologists? They probably would but they won’t be making as much. These expensive treatments, and modern ways to get rid of acne won’t exist. Pharmaceutical companies will lose billions of dollars if these doctors would admit that you can treat your blemishes without spending a dime on commercially prepared acne treatments.

However, if you really think about it, diet is not actually the sole cause of acne. It can make your acne worse, but it is not definitely the main cause of acne. The cause of acne is unknown. Until today, the “how is acne formed” question still has an incomplete answer. What your diet does is that it affects your bodily hormones. Some of these hormones can trigger the over production of oil in your sebaceous glands and due to oxidation and the rapid cell turnover, plus the acne bacteria, you get acne.

Though it may not provide a complete solution for your acne problems, changing your food choices can significantly help you minimize the signs and symptoms of acne. There are certain foods that are labeled as natural antioxidants that can help you get rid of the free radicals that can increase the rate of cell turnover.